Children's entertainerEven though Hyper the Clown is super funny and silly, there are some serious sides to the job! Not only does she have years of experience but have peace of mind knowing that

Hyper the Clown

  • Has her current first aid
  • Has current police check
  • Has a current ochre card (Working with Children Card)
  • Up to date public liability cover
  • Over thirteen years experience in the Children’s Entertainment industry


A Professional Children’s Entertainer..

A professional children’s entertainer: Removes stress and increases enjoyment for everyone, even the adults.  For parents, birthday parties come once a year for their children.  Hyper the Clown on the other hand is entertaining constantly, knows what’s in for children, knows what’s out and knows their humour.

A professional children’s entertainer: Increases everyone’s enjoyment. Hyper knows how to entertain children but you know your own child better than anyone else so working together makes sense to ensure the best birthday party ever.

A professional children’s entertainer: Should be flexible and work with you to create a unique different experience for your child or event.

A professional children’s entertainer: Show is constantly evolving and her enthusiasm should be clearly evident.  If you are not enthused when discussing your party or other event with your entertainer do not hire him/her, because the chances are your child will not be enthused either.


Children audiences are the most honest.  If they don’t like a show they will very quickly let you know.  For this reason listen to your child when arranging a party and take their views into account.  Good entertainers obtain the majority of their work through word of mouth so ask your child who he or she would like to entertain at their party.