Australian Flea Circus

Australian Flea CircusWelcome to Australia’s own and the Northern Territory’s ONLY


Hyper the Clown is much inspired by the most famous Walt Noon who taught Proffesor Hype how to train all the fleas. This amazing miniature circus is available to hire at your next event! If you are looking for something highly entertaining and very unusual then this show will certainly have the audience scratching their heads (and probably everywhere else too). All the thrills and spills of a real life circus performed by a specially trained team of flea’s.


There are acts of skill and daring that will really get under your skin. Performed under the very noses of spectators by circus performers rarely, if ever, seen by the naked eye. Here are some of the spectacular feats you can expect to see:

  • Our international guest star Madam FiFi on the delicate tight rope
  • Bazza doing death defying stunts on the High Dive of Death
  • Juggling Fleas, Strong Fleas, Ute Race
  • And * drum roll * THE Human Cannon Ball

How long does the show last?

Each performance lasts on average 15 to 20 minutes and is ideal as a side show at an event or can easily be combined with other entertainment such as magic or clowning.

If you would like a quote and some prices please contact Hyper the Clown by clicking the contact link above.